Leora Peterson from Gretna, NE

Purchased Mountain Retreat As the purchaser of the original of this painting, I could not be more satisfied. We are totally loving the painting. We had it framed immediately and it is hung in our living room where we can see and enjoy it continually. Everyone who has seen it has loved it also. The painting just gives an immediate feeling of relaxation and well being. We love the colors, lines, and content immensely. We definitely recommend any paintings or prints by this artist. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Kay McCaffrey from Pfafftown, NC

Purchased Spring In The Rockies When I made my purchase of a wonderful mountain waterfall by Chris Steele, it was extremely easy to purchase and soon I had the painting in my hands, which I have since framed and is hanging on my wall. The painting was beautiful, vibrant, and brought me back to the trips we used to take to our national parks when I was young. The painting will always be a reminder to me of some wonderful times.

Pat H from Phelan, CA

Purchased the following paintings:

I enjoy the alpenglow style of skylines and vibrant color of Chris Steele's artwork. Even in darkened and night time scenes, this artist finds a way to let light illuminate the foreground and background while still retaining the essence of the scene being depicted. When walking into a room, the paintings garner attention of family and friends visiting my home and stir conversations for how the use of color foremost stands out in all of his works. Otherwise awkward festivities with gatherings of people from all walks of life who may not otherwise converse see these paintings which steer the conversation to art and provide everyone with a common ground, encouraging further mingling leading to successful social occasions.

This artist has captured the essence of sunsets, sunrises, and bringing lighting into shadowed areas of numerous scenes with bold color and exceptional detail. Each painting conveys an emotion. For his work "Moolight Serenade," the emotion is solitude. For April Sunset, the emotion is serenity with the freshness of cool mountain air and meadow flowers at sunset for those who have walked the continental divide or similar mountainous regions as flowers begin to bloom in meadows. I have his work "Autumn's Glow" at my front entrance foyer because the painting reveals an overlap of numerous ideas ,including seasons and time of day; a duality of the start of activities and final closure or as is the case at my foyer, entrance and exit. A fitting feel to set the atmosphere for guests as they enter my home and eventually part ways from my company leaving to see the scene again. I have numerous other scenes from this artist throughout my home... each painting or grouping of paintings giving life to otherwise plain rooms.

The paintings are worth it and the buying experience is easy and efficient. The artist promptly answers any questions quickly via email. Keep up the great work Mr. Steele. I look forward to seeing more exploration of moon lit scenes, nighttime landscape/mountain scenes, and more of the same of what you have already done in the future. You have a great style. Change nothing and paint on!